Static Security

Security officers, also known as Security Guards, make sure that buildings, valuables and people are safe and secure. They help prevent theft and damage, and deal with emergencies.

• Patrolling, securing and monitoring premises, sometimes with the aid of closed circuit television (CCTV).
• Supervising on the door for a large organisation (check the Door Supervisor profile for details).
• Guarding cash or other valuables in transit in a security vehicle.

Our Security Officers can provide 24 hour manned guarding for commercial and retail premises. We can also arrange 24 hour Dog assisted patrols, our Dog Handlers are highly trained to handle their dogs with great expertise and professionalism.

We are experienced in deterring shoplifters as well as apprehending them. The Human Presence is still the best form of Loss prevention as well as providing a safe environment for you and your staff.

Our mobile patrols can provide back up response for Licensed premises, Key holding duties, Alarm response, Environmental monitoring and provide support to the Police against Anti-Social Behaviour and Public Disorder.

SIA Security Industry Authority